The politics of Captain America

Captain America was not just shown as a propaganda tool in the film Captain America: The First Avenger, the fictional character was actually created in 1941, by timely comics, which later became Marvel comics. The date of the release, in the middle of the Second World War is why the Captain was depicted on many front covers, delivering a punch to Hitler and other such things. CA was therefore an actual propaganda tool used in an actual world war and so is just a little more than a fictional character, wrote about in a picture book. The USA have used several comic books to represent propaganda over the years and the first one was probably Captain America, all the way back in World War II. Here you get more information about the political background:

Word War 2

The character was the ultimate patriot and a great character to represent the might of America and really inspire troops in World War II. The creators of the comic claim that although the comic did have a clear storyline of its own, the comic was a deliberate political tool that they wanted to be used as propaganda. The issue in which the Captain gave Hitler a good old punch to the face sold over a million copies and the comic was hugely popular during the war, as you can well imagine.

  • The reason that CA proved so popular and worked so effectively as a piece of propaganda was because he didn’t have amazing super powers.
  • He couldn’t fly and he couldn’t swing from a skyscraper from spiders web, he was simply a normal American.
  • This meant that normal Americans could relate to the character and believe that they too could be just like Captain America.
  • This explains why Nazi propaganda producers had laughed at many previous attempts at propaganda of a similar kind.

Documentary: The Power of Nazi Propaganda

The comic also epitomised everything that Hitler stood against. America did not laugh in the face of a frail, but determined man who desperately wanted to join the army, something Hitler would have despised, they evolved him into a super soldier. The soldier was not armed with fearsome weapons of mass destruction, and was not a war-mongering lunatic, instead he had a shield, an emblem and a symbol of safety and protection. The shield was symbolic of the fact that Captain America, who represented America as a whole was simply defending itself against the evil of Hitler.