The First Avenger (2011)

It took twenty-one years for anybody to attempt to make another Captain America film after the first one had been a bit of a disappointment. This big budget blockbuster promised to deliver where the other one fell short and was part of an on-going series of intertwined films released by the Marvel comics universe.

The 1990 film concentrated on Captain America as a pre made concept, that already existed and did not go into detail in terms of how Captain America came to be, whereas in the First avenger there was much more emphasis on this. Although the films were similar in the fact that the Captain fought against the red skull in both of them, they had slightly different approaches. The 2011 film concentrated more heavily on conflicts in world war II, the 1990 film looked more at what happened when the Captain woke up from his frozen slumber.

The film has a star studded cast, with Chris Evans playing the Captain, both before and after the transformation, similar to the first film. This big budget Hollywood blockbuster made use of the green screen in order to make a skinny Chris Evans more life like and realistic, without the actor having to go through ridiculous diets. Samuel L. Jackson also plays a role in the film, as well as Hugo Weaving, who plays the red skull. Other appearances of note come from Tommy Lee Jones and Haley Atwell.

The film tells the viewer a bit more about why Captain America was so effective, because he was completely unique, after the creator of the super soldier serum is killed by an agent of HYDRA, the Nazi’s research department. It also then tells the story of how the Captain starts off as nothing more than a propaganda tool and shows how the poster boy then finds himself on the front line of the army, battling the Nazi’s. The sudden shift from a propaganda tool, to a fierce warrior who charges into battle is sparked when the Captain learns that his best friend, who was never rejected from the army, like the Captain was at first has been captured and he tries to save him. The film ends when the captain wakes up in the modern world and shows him starting to train and get ready for any more fights that he may have to face in his unfamiliar surroundings.

A look back at the to the first Captain America movie 1990

The film in 1990 was the first to try to recreate the classic marvel comic that was first released in 1941. Like nearly all Marvel films, the creator, Stan Lee, had to approve it before it was released. He had a very high standard and was keen that the film stayed true to the comic in which it was based on. In this case, Stan Lee thought that the director, Albert Pyun had done his great comic book justice and allowed the film to be released.

The lead role was a highly contested position by many well-known actors. One of the biggest names to go for the lead role was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who didn’t get the role because of not being able to hide his accent, that would almost certainly compromise the authenticity of Captain America. Dolph Lundgren was also considered, however, he had other commitments. Another applicant for this highly sought after role was Val Kilmer, until it was finally determined that Matt Salinger would play the lead role and he would have to play Steve Rogers before he had taken the super soldier serum, as well as Captain America afterwards, another topic that was up for debate.

The plot of the film follows the Captain as he strives to defeat the red skull, played by Scott Paulin. The red skull has several dangerous weapons and the Captain is the one tasked with making sure they are not used by infiltrating enemy lines and sabotaging the rockets. The film starts with Steve Rogers before he takes the super soldier serum and shows how he adapts with this new found chemical in him and evolves into Captain America. The film also goes on to show the Captain waking up in the 1990’s, only to discover that the red skull is still at large, operating under a different alias and trying to kidnap the president of the United States, the country which the Captain is sworn to protect.