Genesis of Captain America – Second Part

Genisis of Captain AmericaIn many films and comics throughout the years, the shield has been able to withstand incredible amounts of force, not least, the full strength of the Hulk and Thor’s hammer. The shield also has unique properties and the shape and material means it can fly through the air easily, without being affected by wind, the shield also rebounds elastically, which means none of the energy is wasted and so will rebound from hitting a target at near enough the same speed it is thrown. The shield is said to be indestructible as it resists heat and force exerted on it. The only way to damage or deform the item is by altering the molecular bonding in the structure.

It is not only an elaborate Frisbee that makes Captain America the ultimate leader and soldier. He has mastered, developed and refined his own unique fighting style that incorporates several different forms of martial arts that makes him quite a formidable opponent. Steve Rogers was able to maintain his physique by undergoing an intense training regime that made him one of the best hand to hand fighters in the world.

The super soldier serum really is sophisticated equipment and it saves Steve Rogers life. The serum is highly sophisticated and it allows the body to make more and more of it so that the natural physical condition is maintained and does not diminish over time. On top of this, the reason that Captain America survives in the ice is because the serum allows the body to enter a trance mode, where it does not function properly but is still alive before being frozen in a block of ice, later to be discovered and reused to help save the world.

Genesis of Captain America – First Part

Captain America first grabbed the attention of the world around the time of world war II. The super hero becomes a super soldier that leads the American army into several battles in world war II. The release of the comic, which was coincidentally around the time of world war II saw the character become one of the most popular of all Marvel comic book characters ( ), before the comics stopped being produced 9 years later.

The story begins with a timid, skinny young man, Steve Rogers, who desperately wants to join the army but due to his diminished stature, is rejected. The physical examinations and procedures proved too hard and so he was rejected. The young art student was left without a father, who passed away when he was a child and also without a mother who recently died of pneumonia. If only this frail young man could enlist into the army, he would be the perfect soldier, he loved his country and had the right attitude to being a soldier.

Steve Rogers was still determined to serve and when he was offered a place as a human guinea pig for professor Abraham Erskine’s research to turn him into the super soldier, he gladly accepted. Project Rebirth was planned to take place on many test subjects. However, due to the lack of the super soldier serum available and the fact he was killed shortly after the first test subject was injected, the first subject was all that was left, it just so happened that the first subject was in fact Steve Rogers who would later go on to become CA.

The super soldier serum was developed as America’s answer to Nazi Germany’s most deadly commander. The red skull worked very close with Adolf Hitler and his real name was John Schmidt. The use of propaganda made the Red skull a force to be reckoned with and America was tasked with finding, or rather creating a suitable advisory that they would employ in a similar way to instil fear into the opposing Nazi camp. The Germans also tried to replicate the formula to produce super soldiers of their own but after countless efforts, they were still unsuccessful.

Steve Rogers is selected for the super solider serum treatment, accompanied with Vita-Ray treatment that makes him the super soldier America needs to lead troops into battle in World War II. Like many things throughout history, the super soldier came out of necessity for the war and as a result, the serum was not rigorously tested and the formula was never committed to paper. The bursts of vita-rays which are unique forms of radiation was not done to any specific formula and when the doctor died, this meant that the super soldier could never again be replicated.