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Events Leading Up to the Death of Captain America

click for larger Civil War pic

Spoiler Warning *******

The Civil War
First there was the beginning of the Civil War between the entire Marvel Universe of Superheroes. The Civil War begins when the New Warriors are battling a group of  villains while filming a reality TV show of all things. One of the bad guys named Nitro explodes killing hundreds of people including school children.

The public becomes furious and in response a Superhero Registration Act is formed requiring all super powered individuals to register with the government. The heroes split down the middle on whether or not to register with Iron Man taking the side of registration, and Captain America opposing.

The Act becomes law and Captain America forms a team to resist the law and the incarceration of super powered individuals refusing to obey the law.

Fierce battles take place between Iron Man's registration forces, and Captain America's forces of freedom, until the final battle to release the super powered prisoners from Tony Stark's Negative Zone Prison.

For some strange reason which is beyond me, Captain America has Cloak teleport both teams of combatants to New York City. My question is why not to some place isolated where heroes can battle without destroying property or risking lives. Doesn't sound like something Captain America would do.

Suddenly when Captain America is almost ready to slam Iron Man for the winning blow a bunch of citizens start whining, and Cap sees the destruction the battle has caused (Duh! of course there is destruction!) and orders his team to stand down.

Courthouse Steps The Death Scene

Everyone else gets amnesty, but Captain America is sent to jail. While going up Federal Court House steps Cap is shot by a sniper. In the chaos Sharon Carter fires a pistol into Cap's stomach. Apparently she was hypnotized by Dr. Faustus to finish the job of the sniper who turns out to be Crossbones.

The whole thing was orchestrated by Captain America's ultimate enemy the Red Skull. If you'll recall, some years back the Red Skull died in Captain America #300, and here he is now orchestrating Cap's death. Of course the Skull's death didn't last that long. For more on the Red Skull's history.

While Cap rides in the ambulance news reports come in stating that Captain America is now dead, but we didn't actually see Cap's last breath.

We all know in comic books that a character can die right before our eyes and still find a way to come back to life. I'm still trying to understand how Superman came back to life.

A major clue to Cap still being alive comes from the Civil War: The Initiative, Ms. Marvel claims that Captain America is not dead but "...tucked away safe on the Raft... They're trying to save his life even as we speak."  I have not read this one yet personally, but I pulled this bit of info off of Wikipedia.

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