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What If Captain America woke up in 2099?

by "Cap Writer" a Captain America Fan

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Cap receives a transmission from communications techs still monitoring the situation from inside the nearby bunker. The techs tell him to return right away. Howlett tells him to go and that he will handle the freeing of the captives as well as the confiscation and holographic documentation of the lab and its instruments. As Cap surfaces on the ground to make his way back to the bunker, he looks up and can see gigantic, circular UFOs hovering way up in the sky. Inside, the techs tell him that radar and telescopes revealed dozens and dozens of these UFO capital ships. Cap calls the Triskellion and the White House and informs them of the new situation.

V. Star War
At a classified meeting in the Triskellion war room, Fury, Howlett, Cap, Valentine, the President and several high ranking leaders from several countries in the U.N. discuss a plan for defense of the Earth. Suddenly, every communication frequency on Earth is interrupted by a cryptic message that plays on a giant screen in the war room. A gray EBE pulls a lifeless human male into the frame and the shell of a puppet-man stoically says “People of Earth, unless you allow us to continue our hybrid reproduction campaign, we will be forced to take action. This is for the good and long-term survival of our race. We will enter your outer atmosphere in two standard rotations of your planet around its bright star. If we are not resisted, we will come in peace. If you decide not to allow peaceable passage, you will have to face the consequences.”

Howlett takes control of the meeting at tells Fury to assemble every S.H.I.E.L.D. Sky Destroyer and fighter jet available and that the X-Men would assemble its fleet. Several foreign leaders try to intervene and discourage an aggressive defense, hoping to reason with the EBEs. Howlett responds, “Bull. You heard the message loud and clear – surrender or die – and I ain’t built to be a prisoner.” After a hasty majority vote, it is decided to take an aggressive front against the EBEs.

Howlett volunteers himself and Cap to command his fleet of space fighters in the outer atmosphere. Fury and Valentine are chosen to lead a defense of the inner atmosphere. Both lines of defense decide to concentrate on defending the airspace where there seems to be the largest concentration of EBE capital ships and adjust as necessary.

Howlett takes Cap to upstate New York and they enter the Xavier Charles school hangar to reveal an impressive fleet of 100 X-Jets. “We’ve been building on a year since 1999 and now we get to party like it’s 2099,” Howlett tells Cap. Howlett shows Cap the ropes in a simulator for the remainder of the day, while the rest of the world hunkers down and prepares to face the potential end of the human race. Most people barricade themselves in their homes with family, others hole up in places of worship, wealthy humans evacuate to lavish, privately run underground shelters, still others take arms alongside all of the armies of the Earth and some sadly commit suicide out of pure fear.

On what is to be known all around the world as G-Day, the S.H.I.E.L.D. navy and the fleet of X-Jets take to the sky. Without knowing a single thing about EBE military technology, the brave pilots and commanders take the offensive and launch a full scale assault. A raging Armageddon ensues. The Earth’s fleets attack with lasers, bombs and missiles, while the EBE fleet uses alien assault devices built on sonic vibrations, the emission intense heat and plasma blasts. The battle lasts for several days until it appears that the Earth’s defense team has amazingly taken the upper hand. Fury and Valentine direct the S.H.I.E.L.D. navy to chase the EBEs into retreat mode out of the inner atmosphere.

As the EBE ships start to retreat and the X-Jets prepare to intercept and destroy EBEs, a fleet of even bigger, oblong UFO ships descend upon the Earth fresh out of lightspeed travel.

VI. Green Day
The combined Earth defense fleet is dismayed and its hopes of winning the space war are dashed. The triangular and circular capital EBE ships gravitate toward the oblong ships as if they were prepared to run and hide behind its cavalry. As the UFOs approach, the oblong ships open intense ion fire on the triangular and disc ships, obliterating most and capturing others with tractor beams.

The collective jaws of the Earth drop as it is unknown why a UFO fleet would destroy another.

An audio communication interrupts every frequency known to man. A strange alien voice speaks in broken English: “Greetings. We come in peace and we are sorry that this renegade race of beings from the Zito system has attacked your people. We request that you escort us to your planet’s surface so that we may explain our motivation as well as rid your lands of any Zitoks that are still lurking below your ground.”

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